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Hello, my name is Sibel Nefa

I live in Germany and I am one of Germanys well known dancer, and instructor.

In addition, I work also in the European foreign countries, such as Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland and Denmark.
I operate one of the best known and most visited belly dance pages in German.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for me at the moment to translate my whole page.
Therefore you find here one short introduction to my person and my
page "Bauchtanz Auskunft"

Sibel Nefa

Professional dancer and instructor for oriental belly dance.
In 1986, Sibel Nefa discovered her love for oriental dance. Besides attending intensive training and workshops with internationally known instructors and choreographers, she also travelled to the countries of origin of this dance, like Turkey and Egypt, for instance, to perfect her skills.
Sibel Nefa is an all-rounder! No matter whether you are looking for a dancer for classes, workshops, performances or shows, Sibel Nefa offers an appropriate concept that surely enthuse you, your friends and clients.

Sibel Nefa - the Oriental Dancer
Dance Shows and Performances

Sibel Nefa has a large experience in gala shows at her command, both nationally and internationally. Besides her fascinating dancing techniques, she also has the oriental feeling that makes her dance so vivid and exciting. She combines her oriental feeling and her extraordinary movements to her famous own “Sibel Nefa Style”. Based upon professionalism and long time experience, Sibel Nefa guarantees a successful performance at both small and big events.
Due to her established varied repertoire and her immense premium costumes with a wide choice of exclusive professional costumes.

Take advantage of Sibel Nefa’s renowned reputation for your events, which might be dance shows, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas celebrations, product presentations and any other occasion.

Sibel Nefa - the Instructor
Classes and Workshops

Due to her long term teaching experience, Sibel Nefa developed a mature teaching concept that she applies successfully in her classes, both nationally and internationally: clearly structured classes in a pleasant atmosphere with a big dose of fun.
Besides the regular classes in her home region, East Lower Saxony (e.g. Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Gifhorn, Peine etc.), Sibel Nefa also offers a lot of workshop subjects where she transfers her knowledge and competence.
You can also book professional coaching and private lessons.
Additionally to her activities as workshop instructor in Germany, she is also in great demand in other European countries like Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Finland.

Abstract of “Halima - Professional Journal for Oriental Dance”:
“Sibel Nefa already got a big applause at only mentioning her name. The dancer from Braunschweig is one of the top-stars in this scene for years now. The stunned amazement of the audience about her endless shimmies in her seemingly boneless body may even be felt watching her video.”

Sibel Nefa - Bellydancer

Tel.: +49-531-505689
Mobile phone: +49-172-542 8462

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Bye your Sibel Nefa

Sibel Nefa